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dreamPuff Rose Marshmallows and Fudge Dipped Marshmallows…

In February we introduced the dreamPuff Rose marshmallow. Rose will not be part of the dreamPuff Favorites lineup.  Rose is a special offering for appropriate holidays and custom orders. It has quickly become a favorite flavor for our marshmallow wedding favors customers.

dreamPuff Fudge Dipped Marshmallows

dreamPuff Classic Vanilla Marshmallow in Fudge

Valentine’s Day we released our Fudge Dipped Marshmallows. This was a major product release…and wow…has it kept us busy!  So busy that we haven’t had time to add it to our website.  We offered Fudge Dipped Marshmallows in Sweetheart Four Packs or Red Hot Gift Boxes.

Yesterday large cartons from various points in the state of New York arrived on the back of an exhausted courier. There were chocolates and spices.  There were herbs, florals and sweets.  There were bags, sealers, warmers, torches and a whole bunch of dried apricots.

That’s right.  The Spring and Summer dreamPuff marshmallow flavors are almost ready. That is what you were thinking, right?

On a slightly different note…last week a new dreamPuff customer at the Troy Farmers’ Market commented that he had never had a gourmet marshmallow before.  The comment got me thinking and wondering…what really makes something gourmet? I’ve read some commentary of the topic of gourmet.  What does it really mean to be a gourmet marshmallow? Or gourmet anything.  dreamPuff Gourmet Marshmallows. I’m good with the idea. But it takes sort of a tilt in my thinking.  About a month ago there was an article describing dreamPuff marshmallows as artisan marshmallows. I identified with that label much easier. As a matter of fact, that label didn’t cause any pause.  So then the question becomes why artisan marshmallows vs. gourmet marshmallows?

I don’t have the answer yet. At some point I may need to answer the question.

Oh. One more thing… we’re pretty excited about the new products we’ll be launching in March.

Handmade…Hand Cut and Hand Packed…Marshmallows

It is Friday night and we’re packaging marshmallows.  How glamorous.

More to come soon….

So, Mr. Raspberry Marshmallow, tell me about yourself.

Nope. I’m not going crazy.  Well, maybe a little..

Hello Raspberry Marshmallows

Hello, Raspberry Marshmallows

I’ve been writing product descriptions.  Sometimes they sound like bad poetry. Other times it doesn’t sound anything like the product samples sitting in front of me.

This is the first time I’ve had to use “fun, punchy wording” to write “brief, attention grabbing” descriptions.  With our wholesale marshmallow accounts one or two words gets the point across.  And caterers either know exactly which marshmallows they want near the chocolate fountain or ask us to select a few flavors.   I guess talking directly to potential customers requires being wordy and entertaining.

Just between me and you…I’ve read some product descriptions and laughed myself silly.  I’ve joked about all the bad writing that is product marketing.  I even have a few examples bookmarked.  Now it is my turn to cause a laugh.  When I’m done, campy will be the new standard.

Delightful.  Subtle.  Burst of Flavor.

I’m going to need more samples.  Lots and lots of samples.  Here. Eat this.