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Creative Marshmallow Sauces…

Use this technique to create your own fantastic sauces to drizzle on fruit, ice cream, pound cake…anything.  Marshmallow is a non- fat alternative to whipped cream.  These sauces are an elegant way to sweeten up off- season berries.

Easy sauce only takes a few steps

1.       Start with 1 tablespoon of liquid and about 3 one inch marshmallows.  In this example I used orange liquor and cardamom marshmallows.  Be creative with the liquid and the marshmallows flavors.  Try fruit juices and nectars.  You can use water, but why not take the opportunity to add additional flavor?

2.       Place the marshmallows and liquid in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 4 seconds.  Heating time will vary.

3.       Whisk until you have a smooth sauce.  If your mixture looks a little like cottage cheese, heat for a few seconds and continue whisking.  Add more marshmallows or liquid to achieve the desired consistency.

Some ideas to get started?

How about….

  • Passion fruit marshmallow sauce on strawberry ice cream
  • Raspberry liqueur and rose marshmallows on strawberries
  • Cognac and Chocolate Mousse marshmallows
  • Coffee and chocolate marshmallows on angel food cake
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