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About Us

A Marshmallow Worth Writing About

It was a Tuesday in March 2006 when we opened the wooden box. Inside were musty travel journals.  A great-aunt’s handwritten adventures from around the world.  The foods she ate.  The trains she missed. The lovers she enjoyed.  And from France…the passionate descriptions of a confection she adored.  Guimauve.  Marshmallows.

Really?  Marshmallows? A marshmallow worth writing about?

That’s where I got my start.

I remember the first marshmallow that was close to what Auntie described.  The lemon flavor was so subtle, yet it lingered.  I wondered…how did they do that?

Here at dreamPuff, we make sophisticated marshmallows.  We specialize in fruit marshmallows.  But we don’t stop there.  Over the years we’ve developed our own style and maintain a sense of culinary adventure.  Sometimes the flavors are light and comforting like our Classic Vanilla or Peach Melba.  Other times we introduce our tasters to flavors that are exotic or intense and exciting.  We like to stretch the imagination and play with the mind as well as the taste buds?

While Auntie’s tryst with a Parisian confectioner didn’t result a golden formula being passed down, there were a few secrets in the margins.

dreamPuff Marshmallows a family owned business.  We hand score small batches and use quality local and organic ingredients when ever possible.  The Dreamers at dreamPuff Marshmallow are proud to support New York owned businesses and local farmers.  Produce used in our fruit Marshmallows are New York grown whenever possible.  Often the summer berries and stone fruits make the journey from our garden or a “you pick em” directly to our batter.  It’s all part of our plan…. to give you a marshmallow worth writing about.

We enjoy limited runs, special requests and seasonal offerings.  Check the Production Schedule to see what’s setting up.

We do not use high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring or artificial flavorings.