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The Treats!

The quality of our ingredients is important to us.  dreamPuff Marshmallows are made in small batches using natural ingredients.  We like real fruit and chocolate, fresh herbs and spices.

We create a wide selection of Fruit Marshmallows made with real fruit puree: passion fruit, banana, strawberry, peach and raspberry. dreamPuff Fruit Marshmallows rotate on the production schedule. Often – You will see or hear about a dreamPuff Marshmallow flavor that isn’t on this list.

We do not use high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring or artificial flavorings.

dreamPuff Favorites

Classic Vanilla – Light vanilla aroma touches your nose as the luxurious square pillows melt on your tongue.  Float them in a hot drink. Roast them.  Melt them on a slice of pie.  Classic Vanilla is made using our housemade vanilla extract.

Frilly Vanilly –  Pan toasted organic coconut hugs our classic vanilla marshmallow.  This is heaven with a cup of tea…or a glass of white wine.

Passion Fruit – Exotic.  Floral.  Sensual.  Refreshing.  It is like a soft square of guilty pleasure.

Cardamom – Exciting and warming.  Cardamom marshmallows are a great addition to coffee and a satisfying flavor for dessert.

Strawberry Jam – This is great topper for a berry pie.  Dip in a rich dark chocolate fondue for a simple yet elegant dessert.  Try it roasted!

Chocolate Mousse -Deep. Rich. Smooth. Wonderfully satisfying.  Chocolate marshmallow goes with everything.  Float it.  Nibble it.

Lemon Pucker


Spring Seasonal Selections

Bunny Bait – Carrot, Orange, Ginger – Don’t fear the veggie!

Spring Mint – Crushed early Sprint mint leaves and Crème de Menthol liquor are the backdrops for our delightful Spring Mint marshmallows.

Sun Kiss -  bright refreshing orange marshmallow with a hint of orange blossom honey on the finish.

The Guinness Marshmallow -

Rose – a special blend of our  vanilla extract and homemade rose water.

Coco Coconut

Summer Seasonal Love…

Summer isn’t over! There is more to come.  So far…

Sun Kiss found much love and crossed the seasonal divide.

Mango Opus

SubLime & Raspberry Sure Bet

“Now With…Bacon”

Perk Up – Super charged espresso marshmallow

Mango Daiquiri


Now with…Bacon


Pumpkin Spice

Fireside Brûlée


Peppermint Candy Candy


Blackberry Cabernet